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Riptide Gets Darker With Fifth Character

By RubyStreams25-10-2012

Dead Island: Riptide is set to take a much darker tone with its newly announced 5th character. The only details we have on this new character comes only in the form of a silhouette which seems to be that of a burly gent wearing what appears to be a baseball cap... worn backwards!

Deep Silver creative director Sebastian Reichert had this to say about the game:

"For example, in Dead Island the beauty of the island was often created by man – the Beach Resort, Hotel, etc. – and the terror was created by the zombies," Reichert says. "This main design theme has changed. Palanai is an island full of natural beauty, for example, wonderful waterfalls, contrasted by natural destruction caused by storms, monsoons and rain. And of course the zombies."

"Plotwise, 'darker' is good description of where we're heading, but of course we stay bright and beautiful on the outside," Reichert says. "We are taking a very special step in this installment and we are looking forward to see how the fans react to it."

As we reported a while back, Riptide isn't a sequel, it's a spin-off and it's bringing in some new gameplay elements, such as flooding systems and boats which Reichert believes will set it apart from 2011's Dead Island.

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