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Riptide Gets a Gameplay Trailer

By Leigh Cobb21-03-2013

Dead Island sequel, Dead Island Riptide, has gotten itself a new trailer. A gameplay trailer no less, none of that fancy-shmancy CGI stuff which ultimately disappoints... Ahem, anyway Riptide keeps the original four character, plus one extra member: John Morgan.

The story description from the video reads as:

"They thought they had escaped. But instead the survivors of the first Dead Island find themselves on a ship with a newcomer, John Morgan. As the ship is overrun by zombies, they have to fight to survive, only to find themselves shipwrecked on a new island..."

Riptide looks to be a bit more polished than its predecessor, which was known for having some nasty bugs and other such oddities. It's good to know we'll have a new island to explore, with new characters and improved gameplay.

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