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Riot a 'Playable Documentary' Coming Soon

By Fr33Lanc3r.00702-03-2013

Riot, a game inspired by the real-life social unrest happening around the world, has exceeded its funding target on Indiegogo with 15 days left to go. Leonard Menchiari, former Valve employee and lead developer on the project, has had personal experience with the form of protest the game will be looking at, and seeks to use the game to tell the stories that arise from them. Allowing players to choose between controlling the Police or the Protestors in what looks to be a stripped down RTS. The team behind Riot are hoping that it will cause people to look at the deeper issues behind why these events happen, how a peaceful rally can turn violent. There's still time to contribute to the project, which is being released on iOS, Android and PC/Mac. It's rare to see something this grounded in today's issues succeed, especially when it's got the word 'game' associated with it - so I'm remaining hopeful on this one, both as a game in itself, and as a 'proof' that our medium is capable of discussing the big issues within our society.


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This looks so cool. I really love the art style too.