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Riding out of the Darkness

By Bobfish12-05-2014

Joe Madureira, Mister Darksiders himself, took to Facebook with some inspiring news today. Inspiring for Darksiders fans at least. Not only are there details of artbooks and comics and such (not all of which is Darksiders related) we have an official confirmation that Darksiders (and this is Darksiders related) is most decidedly not dead. How many more times can I say Darksiders before it becomes redundant and excessive? 


According to Madureira, formerly franchise Creative Director, the new franchise owners, Nordic, are extremely keen to continue the series. Madureira’s input into any future instalments is unclear at this time, though Nordic have previously indicated that they hope to work closely with former staff for all of their (not so) newly acquired IPs. Hopefully this means his involvement will be extensive. I’m guessing it will probably take the former of external advisement, rather than a direct staffing position. But that is pure conjecture on my part. The one thing that we should take away from this is that there will be more Darksiders, with more concrete news coming our way soon. 

Now if only they were saying the same about Red Faction...

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