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Ride To Hell...Twice!

By MrJenssen29-04-2013

Ride To Hell: Route 666 just got an announcement trailer. Wait, what? Wasn't Ride To Hell that game which was kind of announced years ago, then disappeared and then resurfaced again? The game that already got a new trailer? The game that's supposed to be named Ride To Hell: Retribution?

Nope, apparently not. This went by me completely, but Deep Silver apparently announced two games (in)conveniently titled Ride To Hell earlier this month. Both are made by different developers, and both will supposedly be hitting the multiplatform markets this summer. While Retribution seems to be more of a third person action/adventure type game, Route 666 is a completely different kind of animal. And to be honest, it looks like one that has a lot more Darwinistic survivability to it in today's industry, than what Retribution does.

From the looks of the announcement trailer, Ride To Hell: Route 666 is a kind of blend between tactical combat and beat-em-up style games, all with a theme soaked in biker badassness. You control your biker gang around on the road through a map-like view, ordering your goons to fend off rival bikers coming in for a violent quickie. If you so choose, you can also get your fists dirty by riding up to and beating up said rivals yourself. You know, in case you don't trust the developers being good enough at programming AI for your buddies to do the job.

If you ask me, this game looks a bit like the currently struggling Kickstarter game Road Redemption, but with a bit more team management and tactics going on. Which - if the developers know what they're doing - could turn out both original and, well, fun. I don't know about you guys, but I just stabbed a push pin through Route 666 to keep an eye on for later.

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Posts: 1317

Seems to be a bit of both. Like I wrote, you can command your guys from an overview perspective, or get in and fight them yourself, third person style.

Posts: 596

Gameplay is a bit confusing to me... is it strategy or action or?