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Ride the Rustland in New Trials Fusion DLC

By MrJenssen31-07-2014

While the recently released Trials Fusion had several cool concepts that its older brother Trials Evolution didn't have - concepts like mid-air stunts - it felt rather lackluster with the amount of tracks on offer. Especially considering how Trials Evolution: Gold was practically two games in one, allowing players to race through all the tracks of Trials HD as well.

However, while PC gamers were not invited to the excellent DLC party that every Xbox 360 gamer got to enjoy, Trials Fusion gives love to everyone this time around. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is the video embedded above. Riders of the Rustlands is the just released first DLC out of six planned for Trials Fusion's season pass. It lets players test their mettle and their patience with ten new tracks ranging in difficulty from Easy to Extreme, along with two multiplayer tracks, one FMX stunt track and one new skill game. For those into track creation, "dozens" of new objects and assets for the track creator have also been added. When compared to the DLCs for Trials Evolution on the 360, which got over 30 tracks with each $5 DLC, this new model seems a bit bare bones. Goes with the game, I suppose.

Along with five paid DLC packs, creative director Antti Ilvessuo also talks about some upcoming free content updates in an interview with Ubisoft:

"These [free updates] include things like Tournaments, which was released just two weeks ago along with some improvements to Track Central; the online multiplayer, which we will release later this year; and something we haven't talked about yet, but is our next feature: Teams."

The phrase "Into the clouds, under the sea and even deep underground" also hints at a couple of the themes and settings we can expect to see in the next five paid DLCs for the game. The next DLC, Empire of the Sky, is apparently only going to offer nine tracks, and seems to be in love with neon light. No release date has been specified for that one yet, though.


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