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RI House Settlement Bill Passed for 38 Studios

By acharris7713-02-2014

Developers 38 Studios, whose plight has been well documented and includes developments that even left Rhode Island in debt. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel, with the Rhode Island House of Representatives approving a bill to encourage settlements in the litigation of the collapse of the software house. The bill was passed by a vote of 53-16, which must now go to the desk of Rhode Island Government.

According the legislation supporters, the bill will allow out-of-court settlement in lawsuits involving state government and 38 Studios officials. If it becomes law, any defendant who settles will get protection from any suits filed against them for damages resulting from the co-defendant being found guilty. State Rep. Nick Mattiello said the following in an interview with NBC 10.

"The goal is to encourage settlements to get monies in sooner to the state of Rhode Island, so that we can use that as one of the things that we consider in dealing with this very complex and difficult issue."

With this latest news, at least 38 Studios will have a chance of sorting out a few things, which should help them out big time. A sad state of affairs for the company, and it looks like things will only get worse for them.

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It's a good game. I really enjoyed it.

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So, i actually just started playing Amalur. That's my character in the picture. Quite liking it so far