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Rhode Island Plans To Sell Off Amalur

By Fr33Lanc3r.00722-05-2013

38 Studios was the games company that took loans from the US state of Rhode Island in order to finance the game Kingdoms of Amalur (along with an unnamed MMO in the same setting), and went on to go bankrupt in 2012 after missing significant loan repayments. Now completely owned by Rhode Island, which now has to retrieve the $130,000,000 ($130 Million) that is still owed to it, the last thing that remains of 38 Studios' legacy is the Amalur setting and licence - which the state is now planning to sell. According to the Providence Journal a lawyer for Rhode Island is preparing for the sale of all of the intellectual property connected to Amalur, noting that there is interest in the IP - even if he's unsure of the ultimate value of it.

There is also an ongoing lawsuit submitted by the state against the founders of 38 Studios, which is set to begin this week.

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