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Revolutionising Gamescom

By Bobfish04-08-2015

Having been oddly muted for quite some time, Deep Silver came out swinging with a beautifully rendered trailer for Homefront: The Revolution. Setting a particularly bleak tone that will, hopefully, carry across to the final product. As a young boy is thrust out to give a per-prepared speech about how spiffing nice the North Korean occupation is what what. However, as we can see, the words ring far truer than the People's Republic had hoped, when factory workers start rising up and fighting back.

Now, Homefront had its flaws, it's true. But the premise was always one that intrigued me, and the narrative was still well crafted even in the first game. The white phos man, white phos...anyway. The cyborg ninja robot looking dudes have been toned down a tad from when Crytek were working on it, but there's still a sense of remaining, which helps sell the idea that this is a bleak future. One which promises to be significantly better realised.

One only hopes that the promise is fulfilled aye?

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