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Revolution DLC Map Pack Preview

By NeonAnderson09-01-2013

Treyarch has revealed the next DLC map pack coming for Black Ops 2, coined Revolution, the map pack will have a variety of new content as listed below:

  • Hydro: A dam facility set in Pakistan; it will feature a floodable area and many bottlenecks.
  • Grind: Set in a skate park in Little Venice, California. As it is a skate park there are no flat surfaces, everything is curved thus the gameplay will feel quite different.
  • Downhill: "Downhill is really important to Revolution because it brings back snow environments for the first time in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer"
  • Mirage: The map is full of sand dunes and thus will be a unique setting for the Call of Duty franchise
  • Die Rise: The first time a Call of Duty map will have verticality, taking place in a crumbling sky rise; the map will feature a mazelike design.
  • Turned: A new game mode for Black Ops 2, this game mode will have players play as the zombies to try and tag the lone human survivor. Once a player has tagged him, they will become that survivor and have to fend off the zombie players.
  • Peacekeeper: Promoted as a massive new feature, this DLC gun will be the first time a weapon has been released with a Call of Duty DLC pack.

The map pack will be available on Xbox 360 on January 29th and later on PC and PlayStation 3. This DLC pack is included with the Season Pass, which is still available for purchase on Steam.

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Posts: 596

I think it's more the fault of the consumer than the publishers. Consumers speak with their wallets, if they stop buying overpriced DLCs then publishers would have to make them better quality or make them in a way that is more fair for the consumer, while still generating a nice profit for the publisher.

Posts: 1548

@Reaver those times are gone and I don't think they are coming back. Definitely not with publishers like Activision and EA :(

Posts: 237

I miss CoD WaW, that had free DLC on PC. That was awsome!