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Return to Your Doom

By zethalee19-07-2014

During QuakeCon this week, anticipation and expectations were at an all-time high for the reveal of Doom 4, and its associated legacy. With QuakeCon wrapping up in the next few days, some more information has come out, and with it, a title, simply: Doom. If the title alone is any indication, the series will be “returning to its roots,” as so many other marketers are not to say. In any case, let's take a look at what's being offered. Most of this information comes from interviews with the executive producer Marty Stratton, on Polygon and Eurogamer.

Combat will be “quick, free of regenerating health,” and incorporating a number of fantastical weapons, which “is handled via a radial menu that slows down time,” and all weapons can be carried simultaneously. Melee combat is going to be a big feature, with many reports of a demon ripping off a human soldier's limbs and beating him to death with them coming from across the journalism community. Level design was noted to be rather straightforward and linear, though this may just have been for the demo, and the game will be running at 60fps at 1080p.

It will also feature use of id Tech 6, which is an upgrade from Tech 5, notably used in Wolfenstein: The New World. Some of the series' trademark weapons, such as the double-barreled shotgun, rapid-fire plasma rifle, and chainsaw all are making a return, and the player character themselves will be able to double-jump, to cross large gaps and keep out of the reach of the hordes of demons. The game itself is set on Mars, with the beginning placing you outside of a UAC research facility after it's been taken over by a demonic invasion.

So there you go. Doom looks set to satisfy the fans and people feeling nostalgia for the old games, while still having some newer elements from modern shooters. No word yet has been said about the release date, though there has been some speculation that we might see the game as early as next spring. Regardless, with actual gameplay footage hopefully not too far off, the series looks set to make a return in style.

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Posts: 1548

Well Beth previously announced that the reveal will be QuakeCon elusive.
As for the game itself, it sounds intriguing but only time will tell if the old formula still holds to this day.

Posts: 39

I've got no idea. Had I been in the Texas area I might have been able to go, but no footage has been shown anyway, so I don't think cameras were allowed.

Posts: 81

Sounds fantastical. Too bad they didn't show the rest of the world the gameplay...

Why iD?? WHY!?