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Return to the Range in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

By zethalee24-12-2014

No, no, not that other sniper game, the one with the lower budget, and where the sophomore effort in the series wasn't received too well. I can understand how you might confuse the two, but one of them just got announced. Anyway, for those who enjoy shooting people in their extremities in modern conflicts, CI Games just announced Ghost Warrior 3, set to be released for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. All we've been teased with right now is the image linked above, featuring a rather military-looking man, and his friendly neighborhood reconnaissance drone.

There is, however, some news about the production of the game. Advertised as “the first AAA development in the game's franchise,” CI Games have seen fit to hire Steve Hart, executive producer for Sniper Elite V2, and Paul B. Robinson, former Marine, who apparently has 20 years of game development under his belt, though I was unable to find any information on what games he's worked on.

Ghost Warrior 3 will have you eliminating foes in a modern-day conflict based in Eastern Europe, where three factions vie for control of the region. Promising “non-linear, sandbox style gameplay,” CI Games has said that players have multiple options to complete missions in, whether it's from afar, or up close and personal, though I'm not sure why a sniper would chose to get close to targets. Regardless, the game is looking for a 2016 release, with more information to come in the future.

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