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Return to Black Mesa Today

By siegarettes14-09-2012

After eight years of development, Black Mesa, the Half-Life remake has finally released as of today. The current release does not contain the entirety of the Half-Life campaign, but does allow you to play up until you reach the portal to Xen. The team is currently working on rebuilding and redesigning Xen and will release the rest of the campaign in an update when it is completed. The team has stated that the update will not release within the year.

Co-op was initially planned for the project but has currently ceased development. The Black Mesa Team has stated that it is possible for co-op to resume development after the single-player portion is complete, but it would not likely be made by the same team. Black Mesa: Deathmatch will also be released separately in a public beta, “when it’s ready.”

Black Mesa has also been confirmed to be coming to Steam via the first wave of Steam Greenlight approved games, though its official release date on Steam has yet to be decided. For now you can head over to the official Black Mesa site and download a copy of it from the various official mirrors. As of speaking, the hosts are currently overflowing with traffic, so it might be a good idea to check back in a bit.

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Posts: 240

Downloading this tonight most certainly. With Torchlight 2 out next week though I'm going to have too many games to play now.

Posts: 1548

Can't wait to try it out.