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Retomb Raider

By Bobfish02-08-2013

It's official, despite 'poor' sales, Tomb Raider will be seeing a sequel. A sequel which, according to Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix Europe and the Americas (bit archaic there don'tcha think?) is "well into development".

Details are sketchy at the moment, which is understandable, so watch this space. For now, we have only vague hints that the game will be larger in scope and offer more options to players. Hopefully this will include a greater emphasis and, dare I say, even a need for hunting. Rather than just that one ocassion that was quickly forgotten last time. A less ham fisted narrative would be nice too. Just saying. Aside from that, the 'first' game set a good precedent and showed a great deal of potential, so it will be interesting to see how the sequel plays out.

“We’ve recently re-orientated our studio leadership to focus production expertise at the top, to allow us to ship the best quality games possible, faster and with better cost control. We’ve taken away administrative duties from studio heads, so they get closer to the games, gameplay and gamers with fewer distractions.”

Bearing in mind all of the troubling reports coming out of Square in the last few months, that all sounds quite positive. At last. But only time will tell if they can really deliver. PR, after all, is as much as game of bluffing as anything. But with a new Tomb Raider incoming...eventually, the imminent arrival of the Wii-U Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut and the hotly anticipated Murdered and Final Fantasy XIV on the horizon, I have a feeling Square's star is on the rise again.

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I have to agree. As much as the latter part of the narrative made me grown with how hammy it was, it was still a DAMN fine game. Just...well, see above :p

Posts: 1317

No big surprise. Not unwelcome either.