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Resume of Riddles

By PeterChi08-11-2013

An image taken from the LinkedIn resume of Avalanche Studios'  founder, Christofer Sundberg,  reveals details of two unnamed games in development at Avalanche. The first game's details, entitled "Unnanounced Open-World Action Game" reveal that it will be "Avalanche Studios first licensed game, developed based on a well-known movie license." and that it is, "scheduled for release in April 2014." This is thought to be the Mad Max game that is based in the world of Mad Max 2.

The second game, an "Unnanounced Sandbox Action Game (Square Enix)," is described as a "new installment in a very well-known series," to be released on the next generation platforms in June 2015.  Looking at Avalanche Studios' past titles it is easy to see that the only series they've worked on is Just Cause. As yet Just Cause 3 has not been confirmed by Square Enix as existing, so this could be the first accidental confirmation we have.

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