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Restoration Treatment for Doom

By eremeticskeptic23-02-2014

Doom Reborn is a brand new modification for Doom 3. It tries to bring back the original Doom to the Doom 3 engine, without changing anything about the gameplay aside from the completely new textures and models of the original’s monsters and weapons, as well as the new texturing given to the maps. In the future, the developers of Doom Reborn plan to bring back the original HUD included in Doom, with the 3-D model of the character's head in the center.

This mod is still a work in progress, but it shows lots of hope. While it's basically just a retexturing project, facelifts for old games hold a place of importance by introducing them to the newer generation of gamers that is used to a reliance on graphics and brand new engines for gameplay to be enjoyable, regardless of the actual gameplay mechanics. The Doom Reborn mod gives us the original game that we all know and love (and in many cases grew up playing), with a facelift that you can't help but just love.


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The original Doom is the only one I could ever get into, so I might need to give this a try.