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Respawning From the Ashes - Titanfall Revealed

By Toast06-06-2013

Some of you may remember the whole fallout incident after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were part of the Infinity Ward team left in protest post-removal of the 2 founders of the studio after Activision's claims of holding private meetings with other publishers. Well if you haven't, the low down is basically, after they were fired, Jason West and Vince Zampella formed a new studio with the help of EA by signing a contract with them to develop a game that EA are to publish.

The game has been revealed to us now as Titanfall thanks to a leaked Gameinformer cover posted on NeoGAF. It was recently rumoured that the game they were working on was focusing on multiplayer mech-based combat due to leaked trademarks, which is now revealed to be correct. We have also learned a few more details about it, such as Respawn's decision to use Valve's Source engine to develop the game in, and a projected release date of Spring 2014. The combat will commence in mechs – Titans, as well as between normal ground troops.

Titanfall will be available on PC and other platforms next year, more details are likely to come out during E3.

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Posts: 1317

I find it ironic how the game will use the Source engine. EA publishes it, and they use the Source engine.... It's like the Nazis borrowing Soviets' flag. Or something.

What, couldn't they afford THEIR OWN Frostbite engine?

Posts: 3290

See, this is about where I start grinding my teeth and headbutting walls with puppies strapped to my forehead and nukes shooved up their arses.

*Twitch* next *twitch* gen *twitch* experience *twitch*

Posts: 297

Probably the one we're seeing used in Portal 2, Counter Strike GO and Dota 2.

Posts: 351

I knew they would go in a different direction, so I need to see what this game actually is. It sounds cool, I am sure we will see it at E3.

Posts: 1548

Is that the Source engine from HL3?