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Resident Evil 4 HD PC Port: Now with Mouse Support!

By CameronW22-01-2014

It was January 2005, QTEs weren't a thing that everyone hated, The 'next gen' consoles didn't exist yet, and Capcom had just released what I would call the best Resident Evil game to date; that being Resident Evil 4. Later that year the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 where everyone finally was able to get their hands on it, and almost a year and a half later it was ported to the PC. This version sucked big time. The main issue causing the 2007 PC port of RE4 being such garbage was the fact that it had 0 mouse support and was more of a pain in the ass than fun.

The great news is that PC gamers aren't left out in the cold when it comes to getting their hands on Resident Evil 4 anymore. This morning Capcom announced Resident Evil 4: HD Edition. Releasing on steam with full reworked textures and visuals, steam achievements, trading cards, controller support, and all those other things that come with getting your games on Steam. It's releasing on Febuary 27th and you can pre-purchase the game here for $19.99 (£14.99). If you pre-purchase the game they throw in the OST and a big ol' PDF of concept art and all that noise.

Capcom is advertising 60 frames per second, and while that should be expected for the PC port of a game that came out 9 years ago almost to the day it has me wondering if it's locked at 60 and if that will be something modders can change. God, look at me, give me 60 FPS and I'm still complaining.

"Native keyboard and mouse support with customizable key binding, mouse sensitivity, and mouse acceleration settings." Woo!

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Posts: 166

Mouse support should help sell this game on the PC, as I love the Resident Evil games, well the earlier ones anyway.

Posts: 3290

Still looks meh to me

Posts: 1548

Yey for mouse support!