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Resident Burton

By Bobfish05-12-2014

You know what's better than one Burton in a Resident Evil game? Yeah, that's right, two Burtons. At long, long last, Barry, the ultimate badass, makes his triumphant return to the series. In a companion story to the previously well publicised co-op story, featuring a rather bedraggled looking Claire Redfield and Barry's young daughter Moira, our boy Bazzer embarks on his own journey in search of the girls. Starting with him reaching the island they were(?) being held captive on by boat. From there he...well, you know what he does.

Why it has taken this long for him to return is anyone's guess. But like Leon, Chris and...I've lost reack of how many other characters, before him, he's now a member of the BSAA and he's, understandably, a wee bit pissed. As any Father would be. This, actually, reminds me, thematically at least, very much of the vastly underappreciated Dreamcast title Code Veronica. It even features Claire as a protagonist again, though this time it's not Chris looking for her. Having been generally meh about Resident Evil for a while, I think you just piqued my interest again. So GG capcom, GG.

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I really hope there's a mission with Barry and Moira together, so I can play it with my little girl