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Resetting Expectations

By Bobfish14-11-2013

Any true PC gamer pines for the days of yore. Those heady times of brutally punishing wastelands, devoid of tutorials and clear objectives. The days of being a lone, no-name everyman in a desolate apocalypse. The days After Reset RPG is Kickstarting to reclaim. Inspired by such classics as Fallout (the real Fallout) and Planescape: Torment, this highly ambitious little project is seeking a rather hefty $500,000 of our hard earned pocket money.

Money it so richly deserves.

Everything is yellow, desolate and ugly. In a good way. This is, after all, the far future, after everything has gone completely tits up and the world turned to a sandblasted pile of dust, adrift in the vague memories of a past we can never reclaim. But, into this world, you step, Full of that most fragile, disgusting of all man's greatest sins.


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