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Rerise of the Tomb Raider (Updated)

By Bobfish05-01-2016

We all knew it was going to be a timed exclusive. But did any of us really expect Rise of the Tomb Raider this soon? Well, yeah actually, everyone with a brain did. Sorry folks, but Tomb Raider just ain't the powerhouse franchise it used to be. Especially not since it became a poor Uncharted wannabe. Though there is actually a rather poetic symmetry in Tomb Raider now trying to emulate the franchise that was inspired by it.

Ahem, anyway.

According to a press release we received a short time earlier, the PC release if "almost ready" and is expected to release late this month. Note, that's not later, but late, so I'd predict we'll likely see it the last...Thursday actually, the 28th. But treat that date as precisely what it is, an educated guess. Either way, it's almost here, and will purportedly have full DirectX 12 support. Which doesn't really show all that well in the attached gallery, but those are, admittedly, some darn nice screenshots I must confess.  Ron Rosenberg, Crystal Dyanmic's co-head, had the following to say:

"PC players are a passionate, devoted audience and we know they'll embrace the version created for their systems."

Yes, yes we are. And those are some very bold words. Which I find myself honestly rather sceptical of, but I'm willing to give benefit of the doubt. Despite its flaws, the "first" Tomb Raider was still a generally solid and enjoyable game in its own right. And the, at least, gameplay of Rise has shown some promise. If the narrative is still rather hamfisted.

So watch this space, because we will have a review coming as soon as we are able.

Update: Release date has been confirmed as the 28th, though the promo image for the Collector's Edition says the 29th. The box itself includes a 12 inch statue of Lara, replicas of her journal and jade amulet and a steelbook case. As well as copy of the 2013 game for those who pre-order.

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Nice to see them bundling the "Original" Tomb Raider with the collector's edition of the new one.