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Remember the Answers

By BloodyFanGirl04-06-2013

Capcom Germany released a video last week of a 'community interview' with Dontnod Entertainment's creative director Jean-Maxime Moris. The 18 minute video features Moris answering a range of questions sent in by the community about Dontnod's upcoming game Remember Me.

Moris talks about a variety of things relating to the game. He explains the decision to base the game in a futuristic version of Paris. He reveals that they'd thought about setting the game in a variety of different places but settled on Paris citing how recognisable the city was as well as the development team being based there. Moris also alludes to some event that happens in the Remember Me timeline that caused Paris to have to be rebuilt into neo-Paris.

Moris later explains the use of 'dynamic music' that changes depending on how the player plays the game. He describes the music as being "50% of the game" and how important working with composer Olivier Deriviere was to create the emotional experience of Remember Me. The game's score will mix classical, instrumental pieces with electronica and you can listen to parts of it here.

In the video Moris says the game contains elements of puzzle, platform and action. However Remember Me will not contain elements of stealth as, it's explained, this would take too much away from the core theme of memory and the main character's story. Moris describes the game as "the story of an elite memory hunter Nilin, who has the power to break in to your memories and steal memories" as well as the ability to remix memories and therefore the ability "to change the world". Because of the heavy focus on Nilin's story, it's also revealed that the game will not be open-world and shall be linear. In addition to this the game will not feature a morality system; Remember Me isn't about the player's choices, it's about Nilin's. All in all, Dontnod appear to be going for a very cinematic feel in telling Nilin's story.

On the subject of Nilin, Moris also reflects on the more positive responses to Nilin being female and, in addition to this, he talks about why they chose to feature a female main character in their game.  Moris explains what went into designing Nilin, comparing some of her early concept designs to characters from Blade Runner and Mass Effect.

When asked why players should buy Remember Me over other games, interestingly cites the game's status as a new IP, stressing the newness of everything within Remember Me. He also reveals the company's humble beginnings of only 5 employees and what went into the 5 years it took to create the new IP of Remember Me.

The video, whilst long, is very informative and has answered pretty much all of the questions I had about the project. I'll be giving Dontnod Entertainment my money when Remember Me is released on the 4th of June. How about you? Has this video made you want the game more or has it turned you off of the project? Let us know in the comments below.

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