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Remember Me Gets Remixed

By BloodyFanGirl02-07-2013

Turns out we've not yet seen the last of Remember Me. A new website has recently launched announcing a competition that shares something in common with Nilin's special ability; Nilin can remix memories but this competition gives you the chance to remix the music of the game. The game's composer, Olivier Deriviere explains in a short clip above.

The website has download links to the .stem files for the remixable track, Fragment. You can upload your own remix on the same web page as well. The site also explains that two winners will be chosen, one by the judges at Capcom and one by the community. Winners will receive a whole load of Remember Me swag including a signed copy of the game, the official art book, a vinyl LP copy of the soundtrack and more. You creative types can check out the website for full details.

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So, in essence, they're saying *puts on sunglasses* remix me