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Remember Me Gameplay Walkthrough

By Leigh Cobb07-09-2012

Remember 'Remember Me', the game that caused a lot of fuss and interest? No? Well here's some gameplay of 'Remember Me' to help you remember.

It's a gameplay walkthrough from Gamescom, showing off some very tight jeans a cool, moody, neon Paris. The game looks very nice graphically, but it's hard to judge the gameplay when there's a cutscene every 10 seconds. Still, it looks interesting, give it a watch and leave a comment on what you think!

Comments (5)
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Posts: 1548

Somehow the first announcement trailer and gameplay vid were more capturing.

Posts: 240

Reminds me of the Uncharted series in a way. Looks okay but I can't say I'm as particularly interested now that I've seen the gameplay.

Posts: 1548

The visuals look nice on the player character but you can notice a lot of low resolution textures and dem jaggies :)

Posts: 223

Graphics look realllly nice (running on PS3 you may notice!) Will keep an eye on this

Posts: 1548

Doesn't look as 'wow' as the announcement but looks good nevertheless.