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REmake the PC

By Bobfish19-11-2014

For some reason, we don't talk about Resident Evil much here on Pixel Judge. Not for any particular reason, there just always seem to be things that are more relevant to us. To be fair, the Resi series has always been more at home on teh consoles, with PC ports being, well, ports. One of which that was not ported, however, was the superb remake of the first Resident Evil, affectionately known as REmake, released for the Nintendo Gamecube. Not ported, that was, until now...ish.

Now, it's not ready quite yet, but it is on its way, and as these new images attest, it is looking mighty fine. Of course, it's easy to make a game look really purdy even on low end hardware when you have a static, pre-rendered backdrop. Which is why the games have always had more success on consoles, but that doesn't change the fact that, simply put, it looks gorgeous. Also, bear in mind, these are images from the PlayStation 4 version, so we can expect (sceptically hope) that our beloved PC will see even greater increases in character model fidelity as well. But even if not, it looks great, and I can personally attest that the REmake is one of the best in the Resident Evil series.

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