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Relive Gets a Cinematic Trailer, also Screamers

By CameronW20-02-2014

The Floodgates are open and the first person horror games just keep flowing in. The latest one to slump it's corpse into the dim flickering limelight is a game by the name of Relive, and it's about a guy who seems to be a tad lost wandering around some messed up houses staring at the menu on his iPhone and getting ravaged by screaming women. Sounds like reality television doesn't it? You can check out some gameplay above.

Warning: There's a screamer at 1:04, adjust your volume. There's also a screamer at 2:19 in the cinematic trailer above. Annoying, right?

If you find yourself somehow wanting to get in touch with the developers or you want to put your hard-earned money towards more screamers. You can check out their Facebook page here or their Kickstarter page here.

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