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Relic on SEGA Parentship

By Bis18marck7026-01-2013

When THQ came forward saying they ran out of money, many of us saw oblivion unfold. Here was a great studio with many franchises that we loved breaking down into little pieces. What would happen with Company of Heroes 2 and all the other upcoming titles? Would they stop the development? Would the rights be sold to a new studio which did not have the skills or will to finish CoH 2 into the game we hoped it would be? The future was looking grim.

Luckily, the end of THQ was basically as bad as the Mayan Apocalypse. A lot of good men and women lost their jobs and it's a shame that this had to happen to a studio which, in many ways, was giving out quality content and good value for once money - Not to say being way more customer friendly then other, bigger companies. Yet, the games in development live on and are being put into the final stages and Relic published a statement on the CoH2 site today explaining the future of the title.

Apart from once again thanking THQ, its employees and praising the partnership they had, Relic confirms that CoH 2 is still being developed. With SEGA now gripping the steering wheel, the actual future is unknown with Quinn Duffy, Game Director of CoH 2 saying that:

"I can only personally speculate that Relic has unique value for Sega; that they liked what we were doing, and that they will want us to continue what we are doing. I know they're excited. Apart from that, we don't have a lot we can talk about yet – if you can use Google, you likely have the same information we do. We promise we'll try to tackle the transition as efficiently as possible so that we can get back to Company of Heroes 2 as quickly as we can."

He goes on with bright optimism:

"The team is raring to go, we're as happy as we can be about our situation, and COH2 is looking and feeling better every day. Our joy at being able to continue on the game we love is tempered with concern for our colleagues at THQ and other studios but as clichéd as it may sound, the show must go on."

It's the usual pep-talk and things you hear at the start of each new partnership but I do feel that Relic has found a reasonable partner with SEGA. It could have come way worse and at least like this, they have a partner who knows the value of keeping a franchises fanbase happy.

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Hope so otherwise I'll go apeshit!

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Sega put out Shogun 2 without much (if any) controversy, so I think Relic will be fine.