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Release the Light Child

By BloodyFanGirl08-02-2014

We've just received word that Ubisoft's fairy tale-esque, turn based RPG, Child of Light will see release on April 30th of this year. The game will be available via Xbox Live, for the Xbox One and the 360, PlayStation Network, for the PS3 & the PS4, the Nintendo eShop, for WiiU, and as a digital download for PC for the very reasonable price of £11.99. To celebratem we have a delicious new trailer to feed your hungry eyes.

The rest of the press release merely repeats a lot of what we already know about the game, highlighting in particular the small but seasoned team behind the game as well as the game's use of the UbiArt framework that gives an effect "akin to stepping into an interactive painting." The press release also gives us a link to the game's official website (which didn't work when I tried it). Watch this space for more on the game around its release date. I certainly can't wait to step into the painted world of Lemuria this April.

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