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Release the Holmes Within

By Bobfish26-07-2014

It's here, it's finally, here, a release date for Crimes & Punishments...almost. Not an exact date, only a loose window. But a window, at least, pinned down to a very narrow field of time. That being the end of September. To commemorate (at least, that's how I'm seeing it) we have close on half an hour of gameplay. Assured that this will not spoil anything of the overall plot, we have a comprehensive, and surprisingly understated, developer commentary of the various gameplay mechanics and how we, the player, are given a commendable degree of agency in interpreting Holmes' methods. Striking a fine balance between his fabled intuition coming to life, whilst still having the player an active part of the experience, rather than a simple observer.

The game looks great, despite this clearly being console footage. Onscreen prompts and reference to gamepads lead me to surmise this to be PlayStation 4 footage, which runs smoothly and gives a rich array of colour and lighting. Whilst previous screenshots have shown us that our beloved PC will fare even better. But really, that's a given. It's still not going to be a groundbreaking cocaine for the eyes, but Frogwares are a small studio that are clearly squeezing the maximum possible results from the resources at their disposal. So go, enjoy, the game, my dear reader, is afoot.

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