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Release is Strange

By Bobfish10-12-2014

We have a release date for Life is Strange...almost. More accurately, we have a loose release window, which is good enough for me...for now. How many ellipses can i throw in here...before the become redundant? I...don't...know..?

Anyway, enough of that. The new title from the Remember Me devs will be released early next year, according to a tweet on the official Life is Strange Twitter account. Missed an opportunity there guys, Twitter is Strange, just sayin'. But that's not all. We also have some preliminary system requirements which may, or may not, prove to be entirely accurate at this point, but list Windows XP as being compatible. Something that seems to be having a minor resurgance of attention at the moment. I mean, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter even runs on XP!

Anyway, specs are, to the best of our knowledge, currently stated as:

Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5400+
GeForce 8800 GTS
Radeon HD 3850
Win Xp 32
DX 9
Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz
Phenom II X2 550
GeForce 9800 GTX+
Radeon HD 4850
Win Xp 32
DX 9

Now shut up and take my money!

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