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Relax and Enjoy Your Time in Metro

By StuntmanLT09-01-2013

THQ is in a heap of trouble but despite that they managed to release a new screenshot for Metro: Last Light anyway. The picture depicts what seems to be a...brothel. That's one place you wouldn't instantly think of when talking about the world of Metro. Sex and fighting is deep in our psyche and I guess the worlds oldest profession can't be destroyed even with meagre nuclear bombs.

Despite the content, which might cause some controversy, I am glad to see new info coming from THQ. It fills me with joy seeing that they still are doing things and haven't given up yet. There must be some hope then.

Update: Ok, I was wrong, it's just probably a post-apocalyptic cabaret. You can clearly see that with two more screenshots that have been posted on the official Facebook page. I was kind of hoping that we might see some twist or catch to the place like in the original title with a pretty girl who offered you her services...you know you payed her too so stop judging me. But you never know, that still might happen.


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