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Related Designs Purchased By Ubisoft

By Mokman13-04-2013

Remember the Anno series, where you build achingly-beautiful cities utilizing fanciful yet fluid mechanics? Now, fancy a white-garbed assassin parkouring his way through that city, murdering guards as he leaps from one eco-safe windmill to the next? No? Well, thankfully, that may not come to pass, although the possibility has recently just increased, what with Related Designs, the developer behind the series having been bought by the French publisher, who previously had a 30% share in the company before buying it whole. Odile Limpach, managing director of Ubisoft's Blue Bute Studio, had this to say:

"Bringing the talented teams from Related Designs into the fold at Ubisoft is a mutually beneficial evolution of the relationship that we've had with this great studio for the past six years."

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Can't say I'm surprised really. Only that I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner