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Reinvigorating a Classic

By eremeticskeptic08-04-2014

Fresh3D, Inc. is working to bring Outcast to a new generation with the improved graphics that we’ve all grown to be spoiled by in the modern age. Impressed and stuck with a lasting impression from what very well may be the granddaddy of modern RPGs such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, this company acquired the rights to the original game and are doing a combination effort of reskinning, while also expanding the in-game universe and adding new content.

In the Kickstarter campaign, they offer “an AAA game for the price of an indie game”. That really can’t be beat. What also can’t be beat is the idea of bringing classics to a new generation, so that the art form never loses its roots. It’s something you can really get behind. The concept art they have on display, as well as the character design and animation that was shown in the Kickstarter video, looks promising and not at all second-rate. If you’re a fan of the game style, and might be interested, check out what they’ve got going on and throw some support their way.

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