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Reflecting on Lady Croft

By Bobfish25-03-2013

'Tis the season it seems.  Hot on the heels of trademarking Deus Ex: Human Defiance, now confirmed as being an upcoming movie. Square have now filed a trademark for Tomb Raider: Reflections. Given the success of the recent Tomb Raider reboot, it doesn't seem at all unreasonable for them to make steps to capitalise. Whether this will be a sequel to the game (I'd say that's a very strong contender) or a movie based reboot remains to be seen. But honestly, either is good by me. So make your way past the pit traps below and swap your thoughts for the treasure hidden in our comments section with your speculations until we can unearth more details.

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I hope it's another film to be honest. Or maybe a CG feature,, something like that. I really liked the other two