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Reducing the CONTRAST

By Bobfish08-11-2013

Some new images, and some tantalising new details, have emerged from the shadows of Focus Home Interactive's watchful advertising department. Shedding just a tiny sliver of light on the seminal CONTRAST. When viuewed in context with everything that came before, it paints a fascinating picture that reminds me a great deal of the outstanding David Bowie film, Labyrinth.

"In CONTRAST, you take on the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of Didi, an independent, adventure-loving nine year-old girl hoping to reunite her parents. As you spend time with Didi, you will cast light on a shadowy story, exploring an adult world as seen through the eyes of this little girl."

These images, more than anything else that came before them, really impress that. Especially the pictures of Didi standing beside a door, with the shadow of what it almost certainly her Mother in the room beyond, as well as the shot of her and Dawn in the empty jazz club her Mother sings at. For those still unconvinced, the game is currently available at a 25% pre-order discount, which gives the full game, a 52 'programme' with exclusive artwork and a 15 track soundtrack. The latter two, I can personally attest (having pre-ordered already) are available right now. Whilst the full game will unlock one week today, so don't delay.

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