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Redefining the Engine of War

By MrJenssen26-06-2013

Company of Heroes 2 just released. This highly anticipated sequel to one of the most celebrated real-time strategy games of all times lived up to most of the expansions of our review panel. There were a few shortcomings though.

"My gripe comes with the game's half-arsed approach at trying to show the horrors of war. On the one side, we have our protagonist, the hero of sorts, haunted by his memories of the war. [...] On the other hand, we have a game that makes war, dare I say it, fun. There is no synchrony between the two."

Though the campaign's story may have been lackluster, the game certainly does not disappoint in the effects department. You will clearly see that in the trailer above, showcasing how the game's brand spanking new engine changes up the gameplay with new additions added on top of an old, tried and true model.

Whether you plan to pick the game up or not, you owe it to yourself to enjoy this explosive piece of awesomeness. Get to it!

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Posts: 341

Still ugly graphics.

In the end its the same game with some tweaks and new maps.
Felt no different from COH, it actually felt bad imo.

Posts: 120

I've never really cared for Relic's approach to single player campaigns of "Here, have ALL these units at the same time! Good luck with the micro!" That works fine in more tradition RTS games like SC and C&C, but Relic's games are designed for smaller unit counts. I'm hoping it gets better as the campaign progresses and they'll let me build my own forces.