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Red Orchestra 2's Second Map Pack Crashes In

By MrJenssen31-07-2013

Tripwire Interactive continue their support of the community's map making efforts for Red Orchestra 2 yesterday, by releasing a new content update featuring three community maps that have been added to the official roster. This is the second time such a map pack has been released, with the first one featuring four maps, released back in April.

So what are these three new maps? Well, though the awesome Red Orchestra 2 and the even better Rising Storm have been spliced into the same game, the three new maps are solely fought over Europe's eastern front. Players will duke it out over 'Bridges of Druzhina', 'Cold Steel' and 'Gumrak Station'.

* Bridges of Druzhina – features asymmetrical gameplay with the Soviets attacking across open country supported by a single tank, through a destroyed city and on to the final bridge.

* Cold Steel – a lethal warren of huge factory buildings, creating both longer-range fire-fights and sudden, brutal close-quarters battles.

* Gumrak Station – a re-imagining of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra, as the Germans assault through trenches and a small village to the railway station of the title."

In addition, both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm are having a Steam sale until Thursday evening, reduced down to 25% of their original price. You'll notice that you can pick the two games up for a measly few Euros each.

The question is, are Tripwire kicking a dead horse? Is Red Orchestra 2 dead? Should they instead focus all their attention on Rising Storm's upcoming community map pack?

All I know is, I love getting free stuff. Who could really say no to this? In case you're on the fence, check out the trailer above to help get the blood pumping and the trigger finger twitchy. I'll see you on the battlefields!

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