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Red Dragon is a Go

By JcDent16-04-2014

Cold War fans - rejoice! Wargame: Red Dragon, the third game in the acclaimed Cold War simulator, launches tomorrow! Even now, people are complaining about French armies, about all decks being simultaneously OP and underpowered, coalitions and what have you. Those horrible, horrible WAAC bastards who can't fathom the true fun lies in playing North Korean national deck.

Yes, North Korea! The game finally goes to Asia, adding several new countries, as well as many new units, bringing the count to 1,450, all of them displayed in the glorious Armoury. Charge into combat in the new, reworked campaign, or collect your own deck for skirmish and multiplayer battles. Heck, inflict misery on the AI by forcing to play a deck you built! Take that, computer, see how you like having nothing but 1960s Polish infantry!

What else is new to the game? Aquatic combat! While frigates and destroyers duke it out in the seas, small riverboats patrol, well, rivers, roasting infantry hiding in the bushes and ambushing amphibious troop transports. All of it sounds like a lot of fun.

I can't wait to play it myself.

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Hoping this gets a release in North Korea. Would love to play with Kim and let him win every time, just because I'd need to.