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Red Dragon for Beta Asian Goodness

By JcDent14-03-2014

Wargame is good. While it lacks the flashy intimacy of Company of Heroes, it is wonderful for scale and soft simulation. And possible Cold War going hot scenarios are still mostly untapped in video games. That's why I'm excited about the third entry in the series, called the Red Dragon. And some of the money inclined also have reasons to be glad as they can now pre-order the game and get access to the multiplayer beta. And if you're a returning fan (read "own AirLand Battle"), you can get a 25% discount. This is one of the safer cats to buy in the bag, since this looks to expand the unit roster, add naval units and give many other improvements. Your cries over NATO vs. PACT balance will go unheeded (spoiler alert: nobody ever says that their faction is OP) and wails of anguish over some units being visually inaccurate will probably be fruitless, but everything else seems for the better.

And speaking about better things: a naval trailer! This is dedicated to ships pounding the amphibious shit out of each other and is full of cannon fire, flares, explosions and other things that are to be expected on such occasions. There are even planes and helicopters (most ineffective). Pity that it lacks bird's eye view of the ships exploding: that looks real nice in gameplay footage!

Pre-order or no, the game comes out in a month! And I'll make sure to drown you all in nork corpses!

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