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Red Dragon Early Access Now Has Ships

By JcDent11-04-2014

Wargame is a pretty awesome game: it has tanks, airplanes, and now, with Red Dragon, it will have ships, too! Even in Early Access! Yes, with a week left till the game’s proper release, the Early Access beta players can now enjoy frigates, destroyers, riverboats and troop transports, full of expendable militia (what do you mean you're playing NATO?)

Four new screenshots show sea battles happening at 18th century ranges. Fret not! In game, the ranges are a lot, lot bigger! And the game looks spectacular, sinking an enemy ship is always a pleasure.

Also, Focus are saying something about Wargame: Airland Battles owners being able to buy Wargame: Red Dragon at 25% discount, and receive beta access. Just crazy.

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