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Red Dragon Ads Some Flare To Wargame

By JcDent13-11-2013

Wargame is a good game of Cold War-gone-hot simulation. And it's going to be substantially better (or at least we hope so) when the third game, called Red Dragon, introduces Asian forces. Sure, there're going to be a lot of copy pasted Soviet and American tanks with different flags, but still,  over 1000 units – and added ships in three classes (from destroyers, the biggest ships in modern fleets, to patrol boats, for river harassment and cigarette smuggling). And now they're adding flares!

For those not in the know, flares are usually chunks of stuff than an air-plane dumps to confuse heat seeking missiles and to drive MANPAD operators to drink. They will add a visual component that jets in Wargame lacked. The fight between the aircraft and whatever was launched to take it down was done by crunching numbers behind the scenes, with us only witnessing the outcome. Now we'll have flares lighting up the skies and probably dropping framerates.

That said, I just can't wait!

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