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Recasting Outcast

By Spellbound19-04-2014

I like remakes.

In an age where video games are becoming more and more photorealistic, it can be difficult to go back and play an older title. Sometimes it’s not just the graphics that feel dated, but the interface and the way the game itself handles can be unintuitive or just annoying. A recent example of this was when I tried going back to Starcraft to replay the campaign, only to lament the lack of HD resolutions and the restrictive control group mechanic that has been done away with in Starcraft 2. Needless to say, I was quickly looking for the campaign remade in Starcraft 2.

The 1999 PC adventure game that was Outcast was deigned ahead of its time, with a vast open world and a reputation system than influenced NPC interactions. The remake intends to bring this experience back with ameliorated graphics and over twenty hours of spoken dialogue. That, dear reader, is a lot. This will not only give the game a facelift, but can actually open up the possibility for new mechanics, like reading facial expressions to know if an NPC is lying.

Head over to the new Outcast’s Kickstarter page for more information.

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