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Reboot for Iconic Ships in Star Trek Online

By eremeticskeptic04-03-2014

Some of the most iconic starships in Star Trek Online have gotten a recent reboot! The Tier 4 Exploration Cruiser Refit, the Tier 5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, and the Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser were some of the first ships available for purchase in-game, but have been some of the last to receive upgrades, to the developers' chagrin. The new features include improvements to saucer separation, improvements to the Galaxy Dreadnought, new Boff seating, a hangar bay, Phaser Lance Wide Beam, automatic fixes on all existing Galaxy Dreadnoughts, a set bonus, bonuses to Antimatter Spread on Saucers, a Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought, and a new bundle of Galaxy class ships.

The improvements to saucer separation are phenomenal, with new technology that has been seen in use on the Odyssey. Instead of being restricted as it was before, this new technology allows you to separate the saucer from your ship while in motion and while firing phasers. The new separation sequence is smoother and richer, and the separation feature is now supported on the Galaxy Dreadnought. The separable saucer has a bit more tactical flair than many of the other saucers, with its saucer coming with Dual Phaser Cannons and a mini-Phaser Lance.

The Phaser Lance Wide Beam upgrades as well as the new set bonus seem to be the most heavy-handed upgrades that will make your fleet shine – the phaser upgrades allow the Galaxy Dreadnought's Phaser Lance standard beam to become a wide beam attack that mirrors that of a sawed-off shotgun – the wider area of attack will certainly prove to be useful for many STO tacticians. The set bonus will give you a +20 to the Starship Hull Plating skill, a +20 to the Starship Armor Reinforcement skill, and a +1 to the turn rate bonus. Combined, these are hefty updates that shouldn't be taken lightly.

These ships will be available around 10 AM PST this Thursday, March 6th, for purchase.

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