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Reaper of Souls Sounds Great

By Caraline_Nelson27-04-2014

For those of you who think it sounds great too, there is good news. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls soundtrack is now available for purchase through iTunes on the Blizzard Music store.

For the sounds of Diablo III Blizzard did some things a little different. They ventured into new realms as they left their recording studio a bit and encountered the Pacific Symphony in an orchestra hall. They also worked with the Irish choral ensemble, Anúna and the choir London Voices.

It’s something new for Blizzard. While people can debate if the music from the previous two games was better, I think the key is to understand that the orchestral and choral music worked well in this game because it enhanced the remarkable cinematics and did not distract from them. Plus, not every gaming company hires an orchestra and two choral groups to entertain its players.


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