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Reaper of Souls is Near, also Hardcore Death Bugs

By CameronW21-03-2014

It feels like it was only yesterday that I was staring Diablo 3's Error 37 in the face trying to log into my Witch Doctor on launch day. Nearly two years have passed and we're less than a week away from Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls expansion on March 25th. The changes coming with the expansion have been discussed and picked apart far and wide for months and months now, but we're finally able to get our hands on the changes that didn't come with the 2.0 patch earlier this month.

Along with what I'm sure are countless little additions, the big changes that come with the purchase of Reaper of Souls are the Crusader class, Act V, and Adventure mode. Thankfully Act V probably won't be as aggravating and annoying to me as I haven't had to play it over and over and over while leveling one of my multiple characters, and if Adventure Mode is as useful as it looks, it never will be since I won't have to repeat the game's story a million times to make any progress.

Speaking of progress or lack thereof, some dudes have been having a rough couple days when it comes to Diablo 3. Namely that they logged in and all of their equipment is gone, sounds pretty bad, huh? This came along as an unforeseen issue with the Tuesday maintenance and while it effects non hardcore players, they can easily fix it by logging back in. Hardcore players however are out of luck as their characters are DEAD... that is if Blizzard doesn't do a rollback to save their character. Blizzard normally doesn't do rollbacks for Diablo 3 characters as it was exploited in the past, but they're considering it just this once.

"Please know that the decision to allow such an exception is not an easy one to make, and that this is not a guarantee that we will offer the rollback to all accounts that petition us with this request."

Was your Diablo 3 hardcore character slaughtered by the random log-in death demon? You should probably make a ticket here with the title "MISSING GEAR DEATH" and hope that they can fix it.

"With that said, we do want you to know that we are continuing to address this issue, and ask for all players to be aware that the issue is currently ongoing," say Blizzard. "Your deeds of valor will be remembered."


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