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Reach Around the World

By McKaby04-11-2015

In a slightly surprising move, Anno 2205 was launched 24 hours early. It is now time to head into space and colonise the moon, along with getting a little bit cold in the Arctic to get some valuable resources to make your dreams come true.

“We are very proud to finally let Anno fans and newcomers enjoy the next evolution in the Anno series”, says Burkhard Ratheiser, Executive Producer on Anno 2205, “After more than three years in development, Anno 2205 not only reaches for the stars but is also the biggest Anno ever created.”

The new Anno game allows you to use resources as you build multiple outposts to get the materials required for the new adventure, which will be expanded by the Tundra and Orbital zones in future DLC's, this is truly shaping up to be the biggest Anno game that has been made so far.

Anno 2205 is on Steam or Uplay for £49.99 standard and £64.99 for Gold, also available is the Season Pass for £14.99 on Steam and Uplay.


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