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RE6 Apparently Will Receive PC Support

By Mokman25-01-2013

Well, as you all know, Resident Evil 6 is coming to the PC soon. Putting down the fears of PC Gamers worldwide, Capcom's Svensson has stated that the PC version would not only be receiving a benchmark tool, much like in their Devil May Cry games, but also that Resident Evil 6 would most likely be on Steamworks for its DRM, rather than GFWL, a move that elicits a sigh of relief from gamers all over. Furthermore, he has hinted at the possibility of new information regarding the PC to be imminent, a delicious prospect that I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

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I may end up getting it, maybe not day one, but later down the line. As for the DRM, good, thank you Capcom. Since i have yet to play many RE games i dont think i will be dissapointed, nor will i have fanboy rage. Just like how it will be with DmC.