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Razer’s Modular PC - Project Christine

By NAG3LT09-01-2014

While PCs are designed with the customisability in mind, some people find configuring their own a hard task. Making PC customisation even easier seems to be the idea behind Razer’s latest device. Project Christine is a modular PC with a central base tower and components inside the standard blocks that can be easily attached to it. The central tower houses motherboard and PCI Express lanes for connecting other parts. Everything else, including PSU, IO, CPU, memory and other components and peripherals are each inside their own watercooled blocks. Replacing each of those blocks is extremely easy and should not require any skill. It is definitely a curious idea and it will be interesting to see how well it will work.

Of course there are definite downsides. The size is much larger than it could be due to the standard size of the blocks and their locations. Another issue is the price for the consumer, as Razer is likely to be the only source of blocks for “Christine” and thus is likely to price them at a premium. Finally, there might be some performance problems if the CPU and RAM are in separate blocks, as the large distance between them can hurt latency and bandwidth.


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But...PCs are already modular

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Knowing Razer, it might become a big EXPENSIVE joke.

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Why do I see this as one big joke?