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Ravaged Preparing to Launch

By StuntmanLT12-10-2012

2 Dawn Games and Reverb Publishing have released their latest launch trailer for the upcoming post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter ‘Ravaged’ to be launched in less than a week – 17th of October.

Some of you might of gotten a beta key from us or few other places that have partnered with 2 Dawn to help polish the wastelandish battles. If you did, you saw the improvements they made over time and how much better and prettier it got during the beta period.

Check out our preview of the game and an interview with 2 Dawn and if you haven’t pre-ordered or backed the game on Kickstarter then go and buy it now.

Now the best part about the trailer itself it was created by none other than our own Treebsquire. So go to the comment and leave him a compliment...or be like me and tease him how useless he is. Cheers Carl! ;)

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Great trailer! Really well put together. So proud we are!