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Ravaged Beta Code Giveaway (Friday)

By RubyStreams27-08-2012

Courtesy of our new friends over at 2 Dawn Games, we will be giving away 3 Ravaged beta codes each day over the next 5 days.

You must be a registered user to be eligible to win a code. Codes will be emailed to you once the winners have been randomly chosen.

Monday’s winners are:

  • Reaver
  • Mandalore
  • Wolfy

Tuesday's winners are:

  • IsaacClakre
  • Pawlzxy
  • Nahka

Wednesday’s winners are:

  • eldasensei
  • Mitchell
  • Mugen9892

Thursday’s winners are:

  • DoVT
  • Alien
  • SynapseR

Friday’s winners are:

  • benjim
  • BlueJohn
  • KenpoJuJitsu3

Instructions on how to redeem the Steam code will be sent with the emails.

For more info on the game, be sure to check out our 2 Dawn interview and our Ravaged preview!

Comments (21)
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Posts: 1

Just received a beta code from you guys. Thanks so much! See you in game.

Posts: 40

is the beat up? i registered just wondering?

Posts: 67

Damn it, I can't edit the post to correct the first question mark... sorry for the double post.

Posts: 67

Now that I got a piece of the pie I can attest to the legitimacy of this site :P On a serious note, thanks a bunch? You don't fool me Ruby, HA!

Posts: 223

Oh man I don't know how to tell you this SynapseR... the beta ended just now.... ;)

Posts: 1548

@SynapseR Damn it, this must be rigged :P

Posts: 67

Get the new results out gentlemen, I want my beta key :D

Posts: 223

Hope you guys are enjoying the beta!! Hopefully we can arrange something this weekend for a pixeljudge match!

Posts: 37

Yeah, I win!

Posts: 3290

Fifteen codes? Nice. Very nice!